Welcome to the American university of st. Vincent

We are a vibrant medical school in the pristine island of St. Vincent, in the Caribbean. With qualified and dedicated faculty at the helm, we are committed in our endeavor to nurture physicians who are passionate and devoted to excellence in the field of health care. In today’s rapidly changing world, where healthcare is being reformed and revolutionized, we as a university play an important role in ensuring that our students are responsive and amenable to the emerging trends in healthcare.

We couldn’t have found a better location for our school than St. Vincent. It’s peaceful and scenic setting is just what the doctor ordered. The locals are friendly and accommodative and crime rates are low. Our local staff is also more than happy to help you around the island. Sandy beaches and water sports are amongst the major attractions here and as our students can vouch, it is exactly what is needed to unwind from the rigorous schedules of a medical school.

As the world increases its demands for more quality trained physicians, the lines that divided the world begin to blur. Today; race, creed, ethnicity, origin and language are no longer barriers.

It is quality alone that matters and this set the American University of St. Vincent School of Medicine apart from others. With students from different continents, the apart, can be found in your classroom. We have also maintained this diversity in our faculty and have sought out the best to guide and mentor our students in their pursuit of excellence in medicine. As an Institution, we completely understand the importance of shaping the future doctors of the world and it is this awareness that has propelled us to not settle for anything short of the best. Our affiliations with top teaching hospitals across different countries, not just pan the playing field for our students across continents, but also stay true to our commitment to the dissolving of barriers in medicine. Our students have the choice of where they would like to pursue their clinical rotations, a choice that will widely enrich their experience.

AUS’s mission is to offer the highest standards in medical education. We want to become pioneers in educational developments and research. We aspire to mold our students into dedicated doctors, lifelong learners, and exemplary educators who will serve their community and advance the cause of medicine. We realize that medicine is not just about knowledge but about passion and empathy and so our aim is to make our students into well rounded care givers. The fact that more and more students, like you are committed to the cause of medicine and who want to associate with us is perhaps an indication that we are well and truly on our way up.

Dr. Dommalur Jayarangaiah, Dean of Clinical Sciences


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