Students live in off-campus apartments where they have a choice to live with roommates or alone. All apartments are fully furnished when students arrive.

We suggest that all incoming students set up housing through the AUS Housing Department. The university housing department assists students in procuring safe and economical housing in St. Vincent through ‘standard contracts’ executed directly between the landlord and the student. The Student Services Office must approve any exception to this requirement.

Housing Department

The Housing Department is a part of the Office of Student Services and helps students secure the right accommodations to suit each person’s needs. Our Housing Department staff work closely with students to select housing while maintaining excellent relationships with the local landlords. Apartments are near or within walking distance of the campus. Since most apartments are fully furnished, students will only need to bring towels, clothing, and other essential personal items.

Selecting Housing

There are limited housing options near the campus. For students living further from campus, it may be necessary to use local transportation to get to and from school. Students must submit a housing application form and housing deposit as soon as possible. All housing is distributed on a first-come-first-served basis.

Apartment selection is designed to address the following goals: 1) to house all students; and 2) to encourage roommate pairs/quads thus maximizing the occupancy of all space.

It is also important to note that students must live in their selected apartment for the minimum time stated in the lease between them and their landlord. This requirement gives students time to acclimatize to their surroundings and to meet other students. It also provides landlords ample time to re-rent an apartment at the end of a semester.

It is not mandatory for an incoming student to be placed into housing provided by the university. Individuals are free to find and acquire housing on their own. If an individual decides to do so, they will need to notify the Office of Student Service in advance so that arrangements are not made on their behalf. Also, due to the late arrival of flights to the island, please be sure to make hotel arrangements the night you arrive.


Students interested in having a roommate should indicate their preferences on the housing application. The housing department will make every effort to match students based on the answers provided in the housing application.

Items to Bring

* Desk Supplies (pens, stapler, sharpener, etc.)
* Laptop
* Surge Protectors/Electricity Converter/Transformer (St. Vincent uses 220v and a G-Type plug)
* Towels/Washcloths
* Rain Gear
* Personal Care Appliances and Items (hair dryer, curling iron, sunscreen, moisturizer, eye cream, etc.)
* First Aid Kit
* Mosquito Nets & Repellants

Many items are available on the Island, but will most likely be expensive. It would, therefore, be prudent to bring your choice of the items above as the selections available in the market may be limited.