Once new students arrive in St. Vincent and settle into their new living arrangements. The students, faculty, and staff members are all dedicated to medical education. The faculty maintains open office hours to support students.

Please keep in mind that St. Vincent is a developing country and AUS is a new school in the process of establishing itself and its facilities.

New Student Orientation

Students usually arrive to St. Vincent during the week before classes start. Orientation day occurs on the first day of classes. In addition to being assisted with selecting the appropriate housing, students are supplied with information from both the AUS staff and local government officials. Orientation serves to help students become acquainted with, and acclimated to, living in St. Vincent and the study of medicine.

Daily needs

In many ways, St. Vincent offers much that is similar to the United States. There are supermarkets, restaurants, clubs, public transportation, taxis, banks, and a movie theatre.